Self Storage

For ultimate storage flexibility, we provide our own dedicated self storage service through our Secure Self Storage facility, which has provided safe and convenient self storage solutions for over ten years. We offer safe, personal storage for your belongings – whether you’re a home or business owner – with a variety of storage types and sizes. We also offer a collections and returns service, as well as providing packaging materials to ensure a storage solution that is simple, convenient and completely hassle-free.

Container Storagee

If you need to store your effects, they will be safe in our purpose-built storage facility. Clean, dry and very well protected, Whether you need short- or long-term storage we have the space you need. Our competitive rates mean storing your personal or office effects is inexpensive. If what you want to store doesn’t fit into a container, we have a loose racking system that should solve the problem for you. We can also supply you with all the boxes and packing materials you need to avoid any damage to your goods.

Document Storage

It is so easy for documents & files to build up; often being moved around to free up space. This often leads to files not being readily found. This will waste time and money for you and your business. We provide a complete professional service, relieving businesses of the need to devote valuable office space and personnel to store their archive documents. All types of records are professionally managed: files, boxes of archives, confidential documents, architectural plans and drawings, and stationary supplies. You will have immediate authorised access to your documents, be able to retrieve them whenever they are required or, if you prefer, we’ll deliver them back to you.

Storage to Your Door

Storage to your door. The cost effective storage option, Rather than hiring a van, loading it up then unloading it into a storage unit, handling all your items four times. Each time you handle it there’s more chance of damaging your goods. Then there’s the Storage to your door option, we bring as many containers as you need to your home or place of Business, you pack your goods into our warehouse containers, and we then take the containers away and store them for you. Everything gets handled just twice, reducing the chance of damage to your goods and saving you a lot of work and money.

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