Packaging Supplies

In addition to removals and storage services, Kerr’s of Arbroath supplies a broad range of packing and packaging materials to order. You will get specialist packing items that will help you pack more efficiently.
We appreciate you may want to carry out the packing element of your move yourself and, to ensure your effects are packed in the safest way possible, we can offer the supply of quality boxes together with a full range of packing materials. Whatever your packing choice is, we must stress how important it is that the correct packing materials and boxes are used to ensure maximum protection of your household effects. In the long run wouldn’t it be cheaper and less stressful to spend that little bit extra on proper packing materials and cartons in order that your effects are transported in the safest way possible?


Range of packaging products
Small boxes 19” x 13” x 14”
Medium boxes 18” x 18” x 18”
Large boxes 18” x 18” x 30”
Garment boxes
Tapes (extra storng brown packing tape)
Packing paper 10kg pack (approx 500 sheets)
Carpet protector roll 620mm x 10m
Bubble wrap roll 300mm x 100m
Bubble wrap roll 500mm x 100m
Bubble wrap roll 750mm x 100m
Bubble wrap roll 1500mm x 100m
Polythene mattress covers
Polythene sofa covers
Marker pens

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